Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PALRC) | protected areas; parks; nature conservation; biodiversity; education

Fostering excellence in governance and management in Australia, Asia, and the Pacific*

*Although Australia is part of the Pacific, we specifically refer to Australia as the PALRC was founded in Australia, which is well-placed to facilitate and support capacity building for protected areas management and governance for the Asia Pacific region.


The purposes of the collaboration are to:

  1. Grow professional capacity for effective management and governance of protected areas in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.
  2. Develop and deliver an integrated suite of quality training and educational products that provide the basic and advanced knowledge and skills sets required of practitioners at field officer level, protected area level and system manager levels for ethical, effective protected areas governance and management.
  3. Provide professional development short courses, bachelor and post-graduate degrees, and other appropriate courses including articulated/modulated courses that lead to further accreditation and also provide a bridge from vocational to higher education training.
  4. Achieve globally recognised accreditation for the PALRC and/or its activities.
  5. Build international capacity and collaboration in protected areas management and training to support continuous learning and improvement.
  6. Draw on the strengths, expertise and specialised capacities of universities, Protected Area agencies and other institutions in Australia, Asia, the Pacific and internationally to offer the highest quality educational training products, applied learning experiences and research.
  7. Build on and enhance regional opportunities to demonstrate, guide and support excellence in protected areas management and governance.
  8. Foster, facilitate and coordinate protected areas research and disseminate research findings.
  9. Recognise, foster, develop and promote excellence and exemplary practice in protected areas governance and management.
  10. Encourage and assist those wanting to improve their knowledge and skills in protected areas governance and management and sound stewardship of land, freshwater and sea to find courses and opportunities relevant to their needs, and facilitate ongoing learning and sharing through professional networks and communities of practice.

Note: The geographic scope of Collaboration activities includes current protected areas as defined by the IUCN Guidelines for Applying Protected Area Management Categories, areas with the potential to become protected areas in the future, as well as the wider landscapes and seascapes within which protected areas function and are managed.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

How can you participate

  • Subscribe to the PALRC e-newsletter to stay informed of the exciting news
    and updates
  • Enrol for a course yourself or encourage others to enrol.
  • Encourage government agencies, businesses, philanthropic sources and others to support PALRC and its purposes by enrolling groups in training courses and/or providing financial or in-kind support for scholarships.
  • Introduce PALRC to potential new partners whether aid agency, government, park agency, business or private benefactor, philanthropic organisation or other.
  • Consider providing a recommendation for a capable, high-achieving student and/or emerging leader who has strong career aspirations in protected areas management to receive a PARLC scholarship (on-line scholarship application form coming soon).

Our Partners

Development of the PALRC has been supported financially by the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, private donors and the Australian Government’s Director of National Parks.

Proudly supported by NRM Jobs

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