News: 2016 Short Courses

In January 2016 the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) in conjunction with Conservation Management offered the course Keeping Special Places Special: Planning and adaptive management for protected areas.

This was a five day intensive live-in at Bronte Park, Tasmania, adjacent to the TLC’s Five Rivers Reserve, 2.5 hrs bus drive from Hobart.

Just uploaded to the PALRC site are two videos:

You can see testimonials on this course from Jamie, Richie and Paul  here

And a presentation on Managing the Tasmanian Devil at Skullbone Plains here

The course introduced the concepts and steps of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation by using the Five Rivers Reserve as the case study to demonstrate its application. Students worked in small teams to pursue specific threads through the entire adaptive planning and management loop and learnt how to integrate these threads into a powerful, ongoing planning and management framework.

The knowledge gained is readily implemented and is applicable for use in a diverse range of protected areas, including those managed by governments, non-government organizations, private landholders and Indigenous communities. The approach is also applicable to conservation projects and property planning and management at any scale. It is increasingly used by government and non-government agencies across diverse jurisdictions and geographies.

It is intended to offer a further short course on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation in northern Australia later in 2016 along with an offering from the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute.

Keep an eye on the website or register your interest by emailing PALRC Development Director