News: PALRC at IUCN Event in Canberra, Australia

2983 Humann







In July 2016 the Australian Committee for IUCN (ACIUCN) ran a symposium, Maintaining Australia’s Natural Wealth: Priorities for Terrestrial Conservation.

Doug Humann, Development Director of the Collaboration presented a paper, Developing and encouraging protected area management competencies: insights from the Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PALRC).

The presentation provided the background to, purpose for, and objectives of the Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration.

PALRC has identified various needs and opportunities throughout Asia Pacific and Oceania. For the purpose of this symposium and its focus, the presentation particularly addressed training needs and opportunities in Australia, including: the range of requirements in Indigenous, government and NGO protected areas; cultural heritage management; recognition of prior learning and Traditional knowledge; scholarship opportunities; and pathways through vocational training to higher education.

Symposium participants were invited to consider their ability to support this initiative through identifying areas of need and opportunity to focus the learning and research product, and consider funding streams to aid required curriculum development and scholarship opportunities.