News: PALRC short course – Open Standards workshop

Bronte 2017

People may be forgiven for thinking that a January training in the Highlands of Tasmania (Australia) would be warm, but as can be seen in the photo of participants, coats, gloves and beanies were the order of the day when out in the field.

The five-day introductory course to the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, although very intensive, was lauded by the participants as giving great insights into a very applicable and practical set of processes which they felt would be carried into their workplaces and used daily.

People came from a variety of backgrounds including forestry protection projects in Laos, natural resource management on Cape York, working with protected areas and indigenous communities in WA, SA, NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland, and people studying for higher degrees through the Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration.

A key intent of the training is to build capacity across the Asia/Pacific in developing, implementing and keeping conservation plans ‘alive’ and working.  These courses give both trainers and participant’s access to an ever-increasing network of people with specific and shared experiences and skills, where learning is enhanced by a common language and approach.

This shared professional journey allows easy and ongoing sharing of stories and the resolution of challenges that are always encountered when trying to change how the world works.

In evaluating the course, people sought further support for training, implementation and tailored advice for their individual workplaces to enhance the learning garnered at Bronte.

On a very sad note, Amanda Hogbin, friend, colleague and co-facilitator of the course has since passed away through a tragic accident. Her skills, enthusiasm and strong sense of humanity will be sorely missed: vale Amanda.

Further information:
Doug Humann, PALRC Development Director 0409 801 233
Twitter @PAcollaboration