News: Inaugural PALRC scholarship opens April 2017

PALRC is pleased to announce its first scholarship round and thanks donors and supporters for enabling this to occur. PALRC is also supported through partnership funding from the Australian Government’s Director of National Parks.

Please find the Application form and details on applications at this link. Applications must be submitted by Friday 28 April 2017.

PALRC will receive applications in this Round 1 for students commencing courses in mid-2017. Courses are offered at four participating Australian universities along with two short courses concerning adaptive management of protected areas using the Open Standards for Conservation, being offered at the Blue Mountains and Wet Tropics world heritage areas.

The purposes of PALRC scholarships are to:

  1. Provide financial support to enable successful applicants to gain advanced professional training and/or qualifications in protected areas management from a leading Australian University or other approved PALRC course provider in the Asia Pacific or Oceania Regions.
  2. Support professional development, exchange of knowledge and experience, peer networking and collaboration to further the scholarship recipient’s career path in protected areas management.

Target recipients:

  • Capable, high-achieving students and/or emerging leaders in the Asia Pacific or Oceania Regions who have a career ambition to advance the protection, sound governance and effective management of protected areas in their country/region, and especially those who would not otherwise have an opportunity to attend such a course.
  • Applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are particularly encouraged.
  • As far as possible PALRC will seek to offer scholarships over time to a spread of recipients across the regions and with equality of opportunity for all.
  • PALRC reserves the right not to award a scholarship and is not obliged to engage with applicants following the awards process.

Support provided by PALRC scholarships:

  • Scholarships provide successful applicants with financial support to cover some or all of the course fees associated with undertaking approved PALRC courses. A list of approved courses can be found at:
  • Scholarships of $2,000 are available for approved PALRC Short Courses.
  • Scholarships of $5,000 are available for approved PALRC University Courses, including Bachelor Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas and Masters. NOTE: Scholarships for PALRC University Courses and short courses are awarded following confirmation of acceptance into the course by the relevant university or partnering body.

Applicants need to meet two or more of the following criteria:

  1. An intention to have ongoing engagement and commitment in protected areas governance and management
  2. Relevant experience with protected areas, including a history of engagement, leadership or influence with networks and organizations concerned with protected areas
  3. A strong academic record
  4. Demonstration of engagement with indigenous or local communities in protected areas – including with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities
  5. A needs-based requirement where without this scholarship it may be otherwise difficult to enter the proposed course.

PALRC thanks NRMjobs for its support.