Daniel Oades


Daniel Oades photo

Daniel Oades works for the Bardi Jawi People of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

He is employed by the Kimberley Land Council (KLC) in their Land and Sea Management Unit and is the Coordinator of the Bardi Jawi Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) working to implement their own Traditional Owner directed plan of management with Indigenous Rangers.

Bardi Jawi country is his traditional country and he works to improve local outcomes in land and sea management while engaging with the community and creating ownership and governance around the projects the IPA and Rangers can facilitate.

Previously, in the KLC he has worked as the Bardi Jawi Ranger Coordinator focusing on their establishment on country and dugong and marine turtle management as well as Regional IPA Consultation Coordinator for the Kimberley and Acting Land and Sea Unit Manager. Prior to this Daniel spent time working for Department Of Parks and Wildlife on the Ningaloo Coast as a coastal and marine ranger.

Daniel is member of the Australian Commonwealth’s Indigenous Advisory Committee on the EPBC Act with his focus being on the areas of Indigenous Protected Areas and Sea Country.

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