Glenys Jones


Glenys Jones photo.

Glenys Jones is a founding member of the PALRC initiative and an independent member of the PALRC Steering Committee.

Glenys has a background in science and has worked for the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service for 25 years in the fields of management planning and evaluation.  She has specialised in developing evidence-based systems for measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of reserve management to inform sound adaptive management and her pioneering work has been recognized through a variety of prestigious awards.  Glenys was part of the small team of Planners who developed the statutory management plan for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area which was awarded the Planning Institute of Australia’s state and national awards for Conservation Planning and the Federal Minister’s Award for Planning Excellence.

She prepared the comprehensive evaluation report titled State of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (Parks and Wildlife Service, 2004) which was awarded the 2005 Australasian Evaluation Society award for best publication in evaluation.  In recent years, Glenys has been responsible for developing – and is now coordinating – the Tasmanian government’s state-wide management effectiveness Monitoring and Reporting System for Tasmania’s National Parks and Reserves (Parks and Wildlife Service, 2013).

Prior to joining the Parks and Wildlife Service, Glenys worked for over a decade in professional positions spanning the fields of ecological and taxonomic research, biological sciences, scientific editing and landscape design.  Her publications include contributions to books on adaptive environmental management, protected areas management, and research papers in ecological and taxonomic research.

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