Hao Wang

Dr. Hao Wang is a lecturer in Conservation Biology in the School of Life Science at Peking University (PKU), and Peking University Nature and Society Center. He has worked for Peking University as a teacher and researcher for over 16 years. He teaches Conservation Biology, Conservation Biogeography and Ecological Methodology to undergraduate and graduate students. He has 23 years study experiences in China’s Protected Areas, and trained hundreds of nature reserve staffs. He has studied Giant Panda, Kiang, Chiru, Snow leopard, and pika. He has organized and led 10 biodiversity Rapid Assessments around China, and over 100 new species were found. He is one of the pioneer persons of constructing biodiversity monitoring system in China’s Protected Area, and he had served as member of China’s National Nature Reserve Management Assessment team. He has worked closely with conservation NGOs, including CI, WWF, TNC, WCS, Shanshui and Panthera, etc. Hao is a member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, a contributor to Key Biodiversity Area workgroup, and member of several other IUCN commissions.

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