Examples of good to exemplary practice

Members of the PALRC Community of Practice reference panel have nominated the following as examples of good to exemplary practice in various aspects of protected areas management, and/or new approaches worth considering.

Management plans and strategies

  • Hinchinbrook Island National Park Management Plan 2017  (pdf, 2.6MB). The Queensland state government of Australia has released a management plan for the world heritage-listed Hinchinbrook Island National Park, located offshore from the town of Cardwell.  A key feature of this plan is the values-based management framework which “provides structure for strategic planning, and incorporates key steps for monitoring progress, evaluating performance, and reporting on the effectiveness of management actions over time.”
  • Tasmanian Land Conservancy Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (pdf, 1.24MB). The Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan sets the course of work for the TLC in achieving conservation on private land in the state of Tasmania, Australia. The Tasmanian Land Conservancy is a registered environmental organisation in Australia.
  • Wilsons Promontory Conservation Action Plan Parks Victoria, January 2017.  This is the first plan launched since Parks Victoria adopted a “best-practice approach to conservation planning for managing the extensive parks estate across Victoria.” Using the conservation action planning (CAP) methodology, Parks Victoria can “identify and focus on strategies that will achieve the greatest improvement in the overall health of ecosystems”.
  •  Wunambal Gaambera Healthy Country Plan (Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation, 2010). This plan sets out the Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal people’s vision, targets, strategies, actions and monitoring program “to help us look after and keep our Country and culture healthy, and build the capacity and wealth of our families to live on and secure futures from our Country” on the Uunguu Coast Kimberley region of the state of Western Australia. See related references under Suggested reading & resources.

Management effectiveness evaluation, conservation monitoring and State of Parks reporting

Selected projects and case studies

  • Macquarie Island pest eradication project. This evaluated case study documents the outstanding results achieved by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service in eradicating three feral pest species (rabbits, rats and mice) from the World Heritage listed Macquarie Island Nature Reserve, located in the subantarctic Southern Ocean. This management achievement is of global significance for World Heritage management and island pest eradication programs.
  • Research Partners Program Parks Victoria, Australia. This is a collaborative partnership program involving Parks Victoria, universities and other research institutions which aims to undertake applied research to improve park management and ecological understanding.
  • Valuing Victoria’s Parks report Parks Victoria, 2015. This report provides information on the value of Victoria’s parks to communities and the economy, based on best practice environmental accounting methodologies.
Do you know of an example of exemplary practice?

If you know of an example of outstandingly good to exemplary practice in protected areas management that could help show the way forward for others, please contact us: email info@palrc.com

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