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We’d love to hear your feedback about items on this website and what you found useful or interesting. Please also let us know if you encountered any technical problems (e.g. with broken links), and provide any suggestions for improving this website. Provide feedback

Help us grow – how you can help

  1. Please ‘like’ us. If you see value in this Community of Practice initiative, please click on the ‘like’ button below and share items of interest on this website with others.
  2. Suggest content for this website. If you know of an outstanding example or item that would be worth featuring on this website (especially if it relates to the Asia Pacific region), please email PALRC  suggesting the item under the relevant heading. Where appropriate, please include a short title, key points, and/or url and the download file size. Our preference is to feature examples (including people) that demonstrate exemplary practice, innovative approaches and/or inspiring solutions that are working well in practice.

Looking ahead, ideas we are considering developing include:

  • CoP community notice board: where items of interest to our CoP network are posted, e.g. advertised job vacancies, staff exchange/volunteering/mentoring opportunities, alerts to upcoming conferences, webinars etc.
  • CoP discussion portal: where protected area practitioners can raise questions and seek responses from our COP peer network.

3. Encourage those who could be ‘willing and able’ to provide support for PALRC and the PALRC scholarship program – see below.

Provide support for the PALRC scholarship program

We need financial support to help grow the PALRC scholarship program.  If you or others could be interested in providing support to enable scholarships to be offered to enable promising talent to attend advanced training courses in protected areas management, please take the first step and commence a conversation with our PALRC Director. Please email PALRC Director

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