Practical tips & lessons worth sharing

The plan and the reality sometimes differ. Below we share practical tips and lessons from experience that could help others along the path to success.

Cooperation and generosity is essential for success
Enhance the resilience of planned long-term programs

Enhance the resilience of planned long-term programs to risks associated with institutional and other changes by linking and aligning the program to relatively stable or enduring mandates such as legislated objectives, obligations under international agreements, and/or long-term funding commitments.

— Glenys Jones (Specialist, Parks management evaluation, Tasmania)

Do you have a practical tip or lesson from your experience that could help others?

For example, it might be an approach that has worked well, and you can provide practical advice on how others could achieve similar success; or it might be something that went wrong and you gained insight and understanding about how the situation could have been avoided or recovered. Perhaps you can provide a quotable quote or a link to others’ wise words. Please send email with brief text (limit 300 words; inputs must be in English and may be edited for clarity and brevity).

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