Current Courses

University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies (Honours)
Graduate Certificate of Protected Area Planning (6 months)
Masters of Protected Area Governance and Management (2 years)

Murdoch University

Bachelor of Science Environmental Management and Sustainability Major (includes core unit Protected Area Planning & Management) (3 years full time)
Graduate Certificate of Protected Area Administration (6 months)
Master of Protected Area Management (1 year full time)

Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Applies Sciences (3 years full time)

Charles Darwin University

Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Engagement (1 year part time)
Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Research Methodologies (1 year part time)
Diploma of Indigenous Research (1 year full time)

CDU offers a range of intensive and field-based courses relevant to protected area practitioners. See more here:
• ENV316/516 Ecosystem Function
• ENV315/515 Desert Field Ecology
• ENV201 Introductory Ecology
• ENV203 Field Survey & Monitoring Skills
• ENV306/506 Environmental Monitoring & Modelling
• ENV317/517 Natural Resources