PALRC Protected area short courses: Feasibility study

Author: Rosalie Chappie

In March 2019 PALRC launched a report on Protected Area Short Courses in Australia, Asia and the Pacific: training issues, needs and recommendations prepared by Rosalie Chapple. A shorter form Consultation Brief was also released seeking engagement of target audiences with new short courses being proposed as outcomes of the review.

Target audiences for the review include government and private sanctuaries, protected area (PA) management agencies, Indigenous protected areas (IPAs), environmental non-government organisations (NGOs) that look after land, and community-based conservation practitioners, in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
The Review documents the case for new short courses that can build the skills and knowledge needs of people working in protected areas and related conservation activities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.  The report focuses on identifying priority needs for tailored short courses that can complement formal education and training offered through universities and technical and further education (TAFE) colleges. To that end, training issues and needs are identified along with current courses and providers, and proposes how PALRC can help meet the defined capacity challenge.
We commend the Review and the Consultation Brief, which carries an invitation for comment. And, we encourage reading and commentary on the report, as well as using your social media networks to publicise its availability.
For more information please or to provide comment on the feasibility study, please contact Rosalie Chapple or the PALRC Development Director.

Protected Area Governance and Management

Book CoverEditors: Graeme L. Worboys, Michael Lockwood, Ashish Kothari, Sue Feary and Ian Pulsford

Protected Area Governance and Management presents a compendium of original text, case studies and examples from across the world, by drawing on the literature, and on the knowledge and experience of those involved in protected areas. The book synthesises current knowledge and cutting-edge thinking from the diverse branches of practice and learning relevant to protected area governance and management. It is intended as an investment in the skills and competencies of people and consequently, the effective governance and management of protected areas for which they are responsible, now and into the future.

The book has been compiled by 169 authors and deals with all aspects of protected area governance and management. It provides information to support capacity development training of protected area field officers, managers in charge and executive level managers. It will be available free online in February 2015.

This publication available free from Australian National University Press (from February 2015).

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